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What Does Brake Fluid Do?

You already know your vehicle needs routine maintenance and service, including oil changes and tire rotations, to work great and last a long time. But have you ever wondered if checking and replacing brake fluid should also be among those routine services you need to take care of?

The short answer is no. Brake fluid top offs and replacements are not a part of the typical, routine service appointment, and it's not something you should regularly worry about as you go about your daily commute in and around Warwick, RI.

Brake fluid is a hydraulic type of fluid that runs through your vehicle's brake lines and travels to all four wheels. When you actively press down on your brake pedal while driving, the brake fluid allows force to be applied and helps your vehicle slow or stop. On the rare occasion that your low brake fluid indicator light comes on, or you experience pedal problems, or your brakes are not working as well as you think they should, these could indicate your vehicle is low on brake fluid.

But the good news is, thanks to the expert service team at Empire Pre-Owned, you don't have to worry about it when that happens or when you think you need more brake fluid, because our service center is here to help. We're your local automotive maintenance experts, and we can help provide the guidance and professional care you need for brakes, brake fluid, and much more.

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