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The tires on your vehicle are extremely important. Not only do they keep your car firmly on the road, but they also secure your vehicle through rough terrain, inclement weather, and heavy traffic. Having the right tires on your vehicle is just as important as performing routine maintenance and repairs on your tires. One of the most frequently asked questions that our Empire Pre-Owned dealership is asked is, "Do I really need to put winter tires on my car?".

Are Winter Tires Necessary? Or Can I Use All Seasons?

Here in Massachusetts, we see a good amount of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Winter tires are designed to handle these types of weather patterns and are recommended for our Swansea MA, Providence RI, and beyond drivers. The best way to describe the difference between winter, all-season, and summer tires is as shoes. You wouldn't wear flip-flops in the winter or boots in the summer. Sneakers, while okay for both seasons, aren't necessarily the best. It's the same with tires. All-season tires are designed as a good middle ground between summer and winter tires but won't perform nearly as well in the winter and summer seasons.

Here are just a few of the many benefits winter tires have that all-season tires do not.

  • Flexible Tread Rubber - In cold temperatures, normal tire rubber stiffens and provides less traction on the cold roadways. Winter tires are designed with flexible rubber to grip the road better.
  • Deep Tread - Winter tires have deeper tread and tread with unique patterns to better grip in snow and slush.
  • Biting Edges - Winter tires also have biting edges and many tiny slits in the tread to provide better traction on the ice.

Contact Empire Pre-Owned To Learn More

If you'd like to talk to a member of our team, feel free to contact our Empire Pre-Owned dealership. Our service center is available to find and purchase the winter tires that your vehicle needs and can install them in no time.

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