You've finally decided it's time to begin the hunt for your next like-new SUV. The problem? There are so many different SUVs on the market and just as many options, price ranges, reliability ratings, and luxury levels. So, what should you look for when shopping for a used SUV? Here are seven things you'll want to check out.

  1. Size and Capability - Do you need a large SUV for your growing family? Are you looking for three rows or just two? Do you need your SUV to tow a trailer or camper? Would you prefer your SUV to be capable of going off-roading? Know what type of SUV you want or need before you begin.
  2. Vehicle History - Where has the SUV been? Has it been in any accidents? Is any money still owed on it? Has it been rebuilt or have flood damage? These are among the many questions that are answered with a vehicle history search using the VIN.
  3. Frame Issues and Rust or Paint Damage - Walk around the used SUV you're interested in and take a closer look at how it's sitting and what type of exterior it has. Are there any rust spots? Is it level on the ground?
  4. Under the Hood - You'll want to take a closer look at what type of mechanics are lying under the hood. Check the oil and other fluids and look for corrosion or cracks.
  5. Tire Condition - To all four tires match? Is the tread worn down? Does it pull to the left or right when you drive it?
  6. Interior Quality - Do the electronics work the way they should? Are the heat and a/c working right? Are there any tears in the fabric? Check to make sure the interior of your SUV is the way it should be.
  7. Test Drive, Price, and Mileage - What type of mileage does the SUV has? Does it drive the way it should? Is the price within range of the recommended market value?

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