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No matter how good of a driver you are, you never know what could be lying ahead on the road. From natural items like tree branches and rocks to man-made items like mattresses, trash, and other road debris, there could be any number of items on the roads around you. While some of these items are unavoidable, others can be easily missed. How? Here are a few ways to help avoid road debris and any damage it may cause your vehicle.

  • Pay Attention - You should always pay attention to the road in front of you. Being distracted for even a second can lead to accidents. If you're staying alert, you should be able to see any road debris and take action to drive around it.
  • Don't Tailgate - If you're tailgating the car in front of you, you'll have less time to see and swerve around anything that's on the road.
  • Navigate Around The Debris - Once something is spotted, slow down slowly so as not to make any driver behind you have to slam on their brakes. Then drive around the debris, do not go over it.
  • Avoid Swerving - Don't take a sharp turn to avoid the debris. If you turn too sharply, you could lose control of your car.

What Happens If I Hit Road Debris?

If you drive over road debris, you could damage your front-end and undercarriage. If this is the case, you may have a collision insurance claim available to fix the damage. Contact your insurance company to see what hitting an object in the road is considered and decide whether you should report it or not.

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