When is Time to Have Your Car's Tires Replaced?

One of the most important parts about your car is the tires. The tires on your car are solely responsible for keeping you planted firmly and safely on the ground in any driving situation and you will need to be sure that that your tires can continue to perform at their peak levels, but if your tires are not in the best shape possible then you will not get the confidence and safety that you deserve. There are a few tell-tale signs that your tires need to be replaced and here at Empire Pre-Owned Swansea, MA we want to be sure you know those signs so you can have your tires replaced to make any drive more enjoyable.

When it is time for your car's tires to be replaced you will want to visit the perfect place to have the work done, but we can't be there at every moment so we want to make sure that you know the signs of when your tires are ready to be changed.

Some of the signs are:

  1. When you perform the penny test, putting a penny with Lincoln's head down, and if his head is showing, then it is time for new tires
  2. If you have been driving on your tires for more than 10 years, then it is time to replace them, even if they appear to be in good shape
  3. A rougher ride than normal can be a sign that your tires are ready to be changed
  4. If there is any visible damage to the treads or the side walls, then it is most definitely time to have your tires changed

If you are noticing any of those signs when you look at your tires or are driving, then there is no better place for to have your tires changed than right here at Empire Pre-Owned! Visit our dealership's service center today and our staff members will be prepared to give your car the new tires that it truly deserves!

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