Each season presents its own set of challenges, but none are as arguably hazardous as winter. At Empire Pre-Owned, we're committed to ensuring our customers from the Swansea and Providence areas drive safely, smoothly and confidently all winter long. We highly recommend properly winterizing your vehicle before the ice, snow, sleet and slush sets in. There are a few steps you can take on your own, but you can also wholly rely on our service center to get you moving with a vehicle that's ready to take on any unpredictable conditions.

A few easy, but important things to remember are to replenish your wiper fluid. Salty, slushy roads can quickly cause kickback on our windshields, prohibiting us from seeing clearly. Replacing your wiper blades before the start of the winter season is also a wise idea, as you'll want to quickly clear away any snow or hail during a winter storm. Our team also recommends installing snow tires, or rotating your tires if you don't feel snow tires are necessary. We'll also change your oil, align your front-end, check your vehicle's fluids, inspect your brakes, and make sure your heating system is properly working. Carrying extra wiper fluid and salt in your vehicle, as well as blankets is a smart choice, especially if you find yourself broken down during wintry conditions.

Schedule an appointment to winterize your vehicle with Empire Pre-Owned today, and drive with peace of mind this winter season.

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