As drivers throughout the Providence, RI area know, rust can be a huge problem for cars, trucks, and SUVs. It starts out with a simple chip or scratch, then before you know it, you're looking at huge rust patches and maybe even some holes in the metal. Between the salt air, the humidity, and the road salt, rust can send a great-running car to the scrap yard faster than you'd expect.

Many drivers wonder can an auto body shop fix rust? The answer? A resounding yes! The expert collision center team at Empire New to You can handle body rust before it becomes a serious, irreversible problem. Here's what Empire New to You can do for you and your favorite vehicle!

Small Area Rust Removal

Just have a small patch of rust? Our team can handle it quickly and affordably. We use specialized auto body equipment to carefully sand off the rust, as well as some of the paint around the rusted area. We then use premium paint blending and matching techniques and technologies to create a 100% match for your car's existing paint. Our technicians will skillfully apply the fresh paint, so you'll never know there was ever any rust at all.

Large Area Rust Removal

Larger rusting problems are more difficult to repair, but our team has the equipment and the know-how to get it done properly. If the rust patch is too large or too deep to sand down completely, the affected area may need to be replaced with a new part. Whether replaced with a factory component or a fabricated piece, it will need to be painted to match the rest of the car. We'll apply a premium auto primer to the required areas, then blend new paint to perfectly match your existing paint job.

Expert Paint Matching and Blending

There are thousands and thousands of paint colors, finishes, and coatings on cars these days, so it takes some real expertise to get it right. As your car ages and spends more time in the sun, the paint could even change color. That's where our advanced equipment and years of experience come in! Automotive paint color codes from the manufacturer can be used to create a fresh batch of paint that matches the original factory specifications. To achieve an even better match, highly-specialized camera and color-scanner systems detect the exact shade and tint of the surrounding paint.

The scanner and code information can be entered into a paint mixing system, which will precisely blend different colors and mix the paint. After the paint batch is ready, we'll carefully apply the paint to your vehicle, adjusting the blend if necessary to make sure it's a perfect match to your vehicle's look. Once the paint dries, we'll reinspect it to make sure it's a great fit that you'll never even notice.

Stop Serious Rust Damage Before It Stops at Empire New to You

Have a paint chip, scratch, or ding? Some light rust? Schedule some body work today to make sure your vehicle doesn't rust out. We'll get your vehicle rust-free and looking great with a factory-fresh shine and a perfect color match in no time!

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