Wondering How to Repair Auto Body and Paint? Empire Pre-Owned Has the Answers!

After an accident, you'll want to repair any body damage and scratches your car has. Fixing your car's body and paint is a great way to prevent further damage, prevent rust, and make your vehicle last longer. With some tools, elbow-grease, and supplies, you can handle many repairs and touch-ups at home. Here are some things you can do to fix up your car yourself to avoid further damage and get rid of those unsightly reminders of a wreck:

  • How to Remove Dents Yourself - If your car has dents, you may be able to "pull them out." Clean the area, run some soapy water over it, then use a dent-removal tool to pull out the dent. This may be able to partially or fully pull out the dent, though it could weaken the panel and damage the paint, and it will be more likely to dent again later. You can also glue or weld studs to the dent, pull the dent out, then grind off the studs. This will require repainting.
  • How to Get Rid of Rust Yourself - Got a few rust spots? Rust can total a car (especially with the Providence, RI area salt air) so it's important to remove rust before it can spread. Put on safety goggles, protective clothing, and gloves, then use a sander or grinder with sanding wheel to rough up the area around the rust and remove light surface rust. Switch to a metal grinding wheel and carefully grind off the rust. Once the rust is gone, use a sanding block to smooth out the area by hand. Once it's perfectly smooth, you're ready to paint.
  • How to Remove Scratches and Touch Up Paint Chips Yourself - Scratched car? You can usually use some rubbing compound and a buffer or power eraser wheel to buff out marks. Missing some paint? If it's just a tiny nick, you can use a touch-up paint pen to cover it up, though you will still be able to see the imperfection up close. You may have to reapply touchup paint frequently. If it starts to rust, you will need to remove the paint, primer the area, and repaint.
  • How to Paint a Car Yourself - If you see bare metal or removed rust, you need to repaint. You'll need to buy some primer, paint, and painter's tape. Tape off the area you don't want to prime, apply primer over the area you sanded off, and let it dry. Make sure the area is not exposed to dirt, dust, or other contaminants. Repeat three times. Once the primer layers have dried overnight, you can start painting. Paint a layer over the primer, then leave it to dry for a few hours. You'll want at least three coats of paint. Let your paint job dry completely overnight before using or touching it.

How to Repair Auto Body and Paint Fast and Get It Done Right

Have a busy lifestyle and need your car to look brand-new? Consider our professional body repair and car painting services at Empire Collision Center. Our team is well-trained, well-equipped, and experienced. We handle these jobs all day every day, so we can repair damage and repaint your car quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

We offer fast and professional auto repair services, including:

  • Dent Removal
  • Part Replacement
  • Factory Paint Matching
  • Vehicle Repainting
  • Body Filling
  • Rust Removal

If you're ready to get your auto body repair done quickly, efficiently, professionally, and affordably, schedule your repairs with our Collision Center today. We'll have your favorite vehicle looking factory-fresh in no time at all.

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