Should I Finance My Next Car?

Financing a used car can help you get a nicer and newer car with less money down and lower monthly payments. When you work with a dealership Finance Center like the credit experts here at Empire New to You, you can find great financing rates that are custom-tailored to you, your budget, and your used vehicle of choice.

How Do I Find the Best Used Car Financing Rates in Swansea, MA?

Dealership finance centers have a variety of car financing offers available from in-house finance teams, local lenders, and national lenders, so you can select the best offer for you. Our team can help you secure the right loan with the right rates from the right lender for you and your budget.

How Does the Financing Process Work?

After you apply for financing, our finance professionals will research loan options and present you with a range of available offers. You'll be able to choose from different lenders, different loan lengths, different annual percentage rates (APR), and different down-payment amounts. We can show you how changing the amount of your down payment would affect your monthly payment amount, demonstrate how much interest would be based on different loan lengths, and more.

How Much Should I Put Down on a Used Car?

A larger down payment will reduce the amount of your monthly payments and/or shorten the length of your car loan, depending on your preference. A great way to reduce your monthly payments is by trading in your old vehicle as a down payment. In many cases, the trade-in value of your old car is taken right off the top of the price for your new car, reducing the amount of sales tax you may owe.

If you don't have a trade-in car or a large down payment, don't worry--you can still get financing options. You can apply for low-money-down or no-money-down financing.

Why Should I Finance My Car Through the Dealership?

Financing through the dealership can be faster, easier, more convenient, and more affordable. When you finance through a dealership, you don't have to worry about sourcing the right loan for the right amount before you select a vehicle--we can offer you financing right away that's specifically tuned to your vehicle selection.

You can take care of all the financing, auto purchase paperwork, trade-in vehicle arrangements, and temporary registration paperwork all at once here in the office. If you'd like to save even more time, you can apply for financing on our website before you visit.

If you've already secured financing through your own lender or financial institution, that's no problem at all--we can still set you up with the used car you need. However, our team is specialized specifically in automotive financing, so we may be able to find some offers that general lenders don't have.

Have More Financing Questions?

If you'd like to learn about how used car financing can help you get the car you deserve, Contact Us today. Our finance professionals would be happy to answer any questions you have about the car financing process.