Empire New to You Helps Drivers from Swansea to Providence Find Incredible Value on Pre-Owned Vehicles

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We Proudly Sell the Most Reliable and Popular Brands for the Lowest Prices

Value is everything at Empire New to You, and we proudly help drivers from Warwick find better deals than they’d find by shopping new when they browse our pre-owned vehicle selection in Swansea. Empire New to You is proud to offer the most popular and sought-after vehicle brands for the lowest prices. We serve our customers with an incredible pre-owned vehicle selection, reasonable prices on the most respected brands, and expert customer service from the vehicle professionals who know our vehicles best. Looking for a pre-owned vehicle that will perform up to your standards and retain their resale value best over time? These are the brands that hold onto their resale value the best, according to Kelley Blue Book’s resale value awards.

The Highest Resale Value Brands at Empire New to You


Honda is one of the most-valued and lowest-depreciating brands that drivers from Cranston can buy. The quality of well-crafted vehicles like the Honda Accord and Honda Civic have earned the acclaim of drivers and auto critics alike, and their high resale value means you can drive them for years, and still get a great return on your investment!

Drivers from Providence will enjoy Honda vehicles for their capable performance and intuitive design with the latest modern features, with incredible deals up front and down the road when you shop at Empire New to You. Crossover models like the Honda HR-V and versatile Honda CR-V SUV offer exciting flexibility that will please both your shopping and driving senses.


With incredible versatility to offer for both work and play, the value of Chevrolet vehicles is sure to remain significant over time. Chevrolet vehicles offer rugged power and durability, as well as responsible and practical performance that can help you get the most efficient and cost-effective ownership out of your vehicle. Working models like the midsize Chevrolet Colorado, and Chevrolet Silverado full-size truck offer years of rugged durability and reliable ownership, with high retail value for the effectiveness they continue to offer over time.

Other models like the Chevrolet Malibu sedan and Chevy Equinox SUV offer comfortable and enjoyable performance that you can set your watch to for years to come, and still enjoy great return on your investment on the back end.


Toyota racked up the hardware in 2018, with awards for their vehicles in SUV, truck, and sedan model categories and recognition for overall quality of their brand and vehicles in general. Drivers from Swansea to Providence can enjoy the practicality and sustainability that models like the Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4 have offered for generations and continue to offer today. When you buy a new or pre-owned Toyota vehicle, you know that you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of enjoyable driving that saves plenty of resale value for you to cash in on at the end. Models like the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma will continue to offer effectiveness and durability for years and years after you’ve cashed in on your investment and traded it in for a new vehicle.

Empire New to You also proudly features pre-owned Toyota models like the Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Corolla that will offer you everything you’re looking for in a pre-owned vehicle at a fair and reasonable price. Our pre-owned vehicle selection has been carefully inspected to ensure the years of enjoyable driving that they have to offer you. With the quality of the brands and vehicles that we sell, you can be confident that you’re not just getting a great deal up front; you’re also getting a vehicle that will hold its resale value the best and offer you the best-possible value for your eventual trade in! We can’t wait to see you take advantage of the incredible value that’s waiting for you at Empire New to You in Swansea!

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