Why Should I Buy a Used Car?

Explore the Perks of Buying a Used Cars in the Swansea, MA Area

Folks are sometimes put off by a used car. This is due to several myths associated with them being inferior to new cars or being low-quality. At the end of the day, these are just myths. At our dealership, we debunk them every day by selling a variety of quality used models like Chevy Cruze, Toyota Tacoma and Ford Explorer.

We have a plethora of different makes that we offer our clients so they can pick and choose the car, truck or SUV that fits with their lifestyle. Our team of expertly-trained automotive professionals works with you every step of the way to help you find a car that meets all your wants and needs. From safety features to performance, you can find the right used model at our dealership in the Providence RI area.

Advantages of Buying a Used Chevy, Ford or Toyota

There are numerous advantages to buying a used car, and just Chevy, Ford and Toyota models. If you are apprehensive about selecting a used vehicle, check out a few of the advantages below. Once you have gone through them, give us a call and let us know if you have any other questions. A member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

  • Lower Sticker Price: A used Ford F-150 tends to cost less than a new one, just like other used models, so when you side with a used over a new you are experiencing instant savings.
  • More Car-Buying Options: Since a used Chevy Malibu costs less than a new one, you have more options on which trim level you can buy. You can even select another model that would've been out of your price range before.
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation: When you drive a new model car, truck or SUV off the lot, it instantly loses a significant amount of value. The same isn’t true with a used model. That means it will retain more of its value and you can receive a better deal when it is time to trade-in.
  • Same Features, Lower Price: Whether you’re from Cranston, RI or Warwick, RI or beyond, you may enjoy having the latest-and-greatest technology features. Although, no one likes paying too much for them. When you side with a nearly-new used model, like a used Toyota Camry, you can get many of the same features but for a used car price.
  • Only the Features You Want: Many new models come standard with cool features but sometimes you don’t end up using half of them. The catch is that you still have to pay for them. When shopping for a used vehicle, you can shop around for the right match that has only the features you want and will use!

Which Used Vehicle Is the One for Me?

Choosing the right car for you can be tough. It depends on what you’re looking for and what your lifestyle is like. If you just want a commuter vehicle that is affordable and has a decent gas mileage then a sedan may be right for you. Ask our staff and they can show you our lineup of sedans, like the Chevy Impala or Toyota Corolla.

Do you need something for your weekend projects? A pickup truck may be in the card for you. Ask about the availability of our Ford F-250 and Toyota Tundra models. They are engineered to tackle almost any job.

When a family trip is planned, an SUV is most likely your best bet. They have ample cargo space and passenger space to fit everyone in for an adventure or road-trip. If you’re looking for a large SUV then consider a Ford Expedition or a Chevy Equinox. They have the space you need to fit all of your camping supplies, hiking equipment and more!

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